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Our team is specialised in different areas, so we can provide a variety of options and possibilities for our clients to achieve their goals.

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Prices & Packages

  • All fees are payable in advance
  • Each session is 60 minutes long

Gym Packages

Sessions per week Price Payment weekly Price per Individual session Total Package (four weeks)
1 £70 £70 £280
2 £120 £60 £480
3 £165 £55 £660
4 £200 £50 £800

On Location Package

Number of Sessions Minutes per Session £ per session
1 60 £100
10 60 £850
20 60 £1500

Online Package

  • Any purchase will include supplements list & Nutritional Guidance, if needed.
  • Any of these packages will have adjustments, if needed.
  • Every diet and training plan is tailor made with feedback via email and/or Skype, weekly feedbacks given on Fridays-Sundays
  • If it’s an off season Program =  £500 for 4 months.
  • No one has to be an athlete to BEGIN a journey
  • A program is designed to get you eating and training on track and help you achieve your goals.

Programs will be specific to your individual goals.

Number of Weeks Diet/Nutrition Diet/Nutrition & Training
4 £150 £250
6 £340 £385
10 £550
12 £600
16 £700

Why use a personal fitness trainer?

Studies have shown that working with a personal trainer will achieve better results 3x faster than exercising on your own.

You should consider a personal trainer if:

  • ·         You are not seeing the results you want
  • ·         You don’t know where to start
  • ·         Bored with the same old workout
  • ·         You need to be challenged
  • ·         You want to train more intensely and efficiently
  • ·         You want to learn how to exercise
  • ·         You need motivation
  • ·         You have specific illness or injury
  • ·         Training for a sport or event
  • ·         You want supervision/ safety and support
  • ·         You want to work out at home or outdoors

What to look for in a personal trainer?

  • ·         Education: A personal trainer should be certified through a reputable personal training organisation
  • ·         First Aid & CPR: Your trainer should have an updated certification in CPR and/or first aid
  • ·         Experience: Make sure your trainer has experience, especially in relation to your goals. For example, if you’re a bodybuilder, you want someone knowledgeable in that area.
  • ·         Specifics: if you have a specific medical problem, injury or condition (such as being pregnant, heart problems, and diabetes etc.) make sure your trainer has education in these areas and will work with your doctor or medical professional.
  • ·         A Good Listener: A good trainer will listen closely to what you say and make sure he understands your goals.
  • ·         Attention: A good Personal trainer will be focused only on you during your session
  • ·         Tracking Progress: A good trainer will regularly assess your progress and change things if necessary
  • ·         Personality: It is important since you’ll be working closely with your trainer. Make sure you get along with your trainer and feel comfortable asking question.

What Results can I expect?

Progress will depend on what you put into a session and what you do when you are not in the gym. You can have the best trainer in the world but if you do not put in the effort and commitment you won’t achieve the results you desire. Personal training is all about teamwork between you and your trainer.