About us

About First Step Motivation (Clothing/Apparel)

First Step Motivation was started back in 2010 when CEO Cristhiano Marques used his fitness knowledge and training to help his clients take the first step in achieving their fitness goals. Through his personal training programme Cristhiano has helped people to stay motivated, encouraged their progress and inspired them to stay positive and remain consistent in achieving their objectives.

Cristhiano created the logo as a reflection of his principles of making that first step and staying motivated. After creating the logo, Cristhiano printed it on a few gym vests, that himself and a couple of training partners wore. Soon enough fellow gym goers requested the vests and the movement snowballed. This inspired Cristhiano to create a whole line of wearable, functional and cutting edge gym apparel.

Through sponsorship, First Step Motivation apparel has grown to be an international brand garnering a worldwide fan base. Wearers feel, look and most importantly, work out great when wearing First Step Motivation clothes.

Welcome to First Step Motivation world. Here are some steps to succeed:

  1. Take your first step to achieve your goals!
  2. When you’re happy with your self, everything else follows!
  3. Once you start to see changes, you’ll fall in love with the results!
  4. When you take the First Step to work towards your goals, you need to stay motivated, focused and consistent!

                                                                  “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!”